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Why Trust Our Quality Of Life HomeCare?

Our Quality of Life HomeCare understands the importance of leading a dignified and independent lifestyle in the comfort and safety of your own home. We believe that companionship is a necessity, especially in more vulnerable times, whether as a result of a decrease in mobility, or family not being nearby. Home is where we are most comfortable, and as it becomes difficult for us to do the activities once completed with ease, these challenges create the need for extra support.


Whether you can benefit from someone assisting to prepare a meal, doing light housework, joining you for a walk, or just having a conversation, enjoying these things in the place you call home can make all the difference. Our Quality of Life HomeCare can provide you with the companionship you need, or agility support around the home. There is nothing more one can wish for than to know our loved ones are being supported by someone trustworthy, respectful, loving and kind, who can be called on whenever they are needed. Whether you are recovering from an injury or illness or simply in need of someone to be by your side, Our Quality of Life HomeCare is here for you.

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Free In-home Care Consultation

Scheduling Care Services

We can schedule our professional caregivers to help for as little as 3  hours per day, or as many as 24 hours. We do this because we understand that some of our clients need just 3 hour of service to stay comfortably in their homes. We're here for you 7 days a week, including holidays and weekends. Call us for a complimentary in-home care assessment to discuss how we can meet your needs. 




  • First -  Call or email us : At this stage, we verbally introduce Our Quality of life to you, get to know you as well as learn of your needs.


  • Second - Schedule an in-home assessment: At this stage we will explore your needs in detail and go over the client service agreement with you.



  • Third - Match the right caregiver to your needs: This is about making sure we match you with someone you will enjoy spending time with, who understands your needs and is capable of meeting and exceeding your expectations.


  • Last but not least-Follow-up: Our goal is to make sure that there is a smile on your face during and at the end of our service. We want to make sure that goal is met every time we attend to you.

Our Home Care Rates

Our rates are dependent on the number of hours and service provided. Our minimum shift length is 3 hours. We bill for the service provided on an hourly basis. For example, if we provide personal care in the morning of a 3-hour shift, we only charge our personal care rate for that hour, as opposed to a flat rate for the full shift. The remaining hours would be at our Companionship rate. We find that more advantageous and flexible for you compared to packages at a set price.

HST is applicable however exemptions may apply (CCAC or Veteran's Affairs).


Flat Rates: 


We do offer flat rates for live-in care and 12-hours overnight shifts. 


Long-Term Care Insurance: 


Some long-term care insurance policies cover in-home care services. We would be happy to check your policy to see if it covers in home care service. 

Also, there are financial programs offered by the Department of Veterans Affairs tailored to assist veterans and/or their spouses to remain independent in their homes. At Our Quality of Life HomeCare LTD., we understand some of our clients might find the process of figuring out if they are eligible for government programs cumbersome. At no additional cost we can help you find out if you qualify for any programs.

Our Quality of Life HomeCare

Our Quality of Life HomeCare is specialized in providing home care services of the highest quality to our clients and their families, at an affordable price, wherever they may be. Our staff are trained to care for you whether it be in your home (house or apartment), the hospital, a longterm care facility or retirement centre. We will always be by your side when it matters most!

How can we serve you ?

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About Us

Our Quality of Life HomeCare is a family-owned and operated home care provider. We are committed to providing high quality, client-centered services at an affordable price.

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 Access to government funded home and community care services including: care coordination, personal support workers, nurses, physiotherapy, social work, medical supplies and equipment.

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We currently serve Etobicoke and the surrounding areas in the City of Toronto. If you are just outside our coverage map, please call to see if we can assist you!